Book- FREE EXERCISE DVD for Busy People.

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This is NOT just another diet and exercise book. This is a Lifestyle Development book.Drawing from the dramatic and candid story of how the author overcame the destructive cycles in his life that kept him unhealthy and overweight, Fitness expert, Life Coach or Ordained minister, Ron Kardashian teaches readers THE FOUR very powerful, very real, secret keys to finally achieving the success you have been striving for. This book will produce lasting results instead of temporary relief because it affects change from the inside out. Through this simple four-step plan, Kardashian gives readers the tools they need to:
1. Tap into the real reasons behind their diet and fitness roadblocks
2. Put to rest the issues that may be contributing to unnecessary suffering
3. Transcend old ways of thinking and doing
4. Motivate themselves so that they will never give up
5. Gain a God Centered, body-mind-spirit perspective on preventative medicine
6. Produce lasting results instead of temporary relief.