Membership – Monthly Coaching




LIVE with Ron Kardashian last Thursday of every month.
Coaching topics:
1. Wealth, Promotion and Raises.
2. Starting your own company.
3. Branding ideas and taking them to market.
4. Executive Fitness.
5. Acquiring Financial Funding. (Keys to building your deck)
6. What foods are slowing down your brain.
7. Relationships and your Money.
8. Your Next Million.
9. Overcoming insecurity.
10…and Optimizing your brain to always be producing results.

  • Membership is month-to-month.
  • No obligation necessary.
  • Purchase a 12month membership. You will receive $5k Worth of gifts including a special brain score report on areas of your mind that may be holding you back from breaking forth into your next economical level.
  • 2 Sessions with Coach Ron Kardashian.
  • Direct Text messages throughout the week.